What is a Smart Key system?

A Smart Key system is an advanced computerized system that automatically locks and unlocks your vehicle, and starts and stops your vehicle engine without the use of a traditional key.

How does the EasyGO Smart Key system work?

Once the Smart Key system is installed in your vehicle, you can simply lock or unlock your vehicle with a push of a button on your door handle. Once inside the vehicle you can turn On or Off the vehicle engine with a press of the engine Start/Stop button. If you forget to close your doors, the system will remind you. If you forget to lock your doors or roll up your windows the system will automatically do so for you.

Can I use any push button with the EasyGO Smart Key module?

No, the EasyGO Smart Key system meets all vehicle factory OE standard quality requirements and is built with 30A automotive grade component parts to ensure its reliability and safety. The included push button is specifically designed to be 100% fully compatible with the EasyGO Smart Key system. It is possible to create your push button and wire it to interface with the EasyGO Smart Key system however it is not recommended nor supported and doing so will completely void the warranty.

Do I need anything else to install the EasyGO system on vehicles with an immobilizer system?

No, everything you need is included with your vehicle specific EasyGO Smart Key system. If your vehicle is equipped with an immobilizer chip built-in the key, then your EasyGO system will include a necessary Bypass module specific to your vehicle. A Bypass module will inform your vehicle's computer that a valid key is present when your Remote Smart Key is within proximity. You will also be required to disable your steering wheel lock.

Where can I mount the antennas?

We highly recommend that you mount RFID antennas in the A Pillar away from metal contacts.

Is there anything that can cause interference with my Remote Smart Key that I should be aware of?

Do not place your Remote Smart Key on metal, however carrying metal keys on the same key ring or in the same pocket as the Remote Smart Key is acceptable and safe. Electronic devices such as Smart Phones, microwaves, vacuums, drills, electrical poles and underground parking structures, etc. can possibly cause some interference with the EasyGO Smart Key system.

Is this system secure and safe for me and my vehicle?

The EasyGO Smart Key system is 100% guaranteed to be safe and secure for your vehicle. It has 2-way authentication, rolling code, and module encryptions built-in to prevent the Smart Key system from being hacked. It also has a built-in vehicle security system to prevent vehicle theft.

What vehicles are applicable for this Smart Key system?

Please refer to the Vehicle Application Guide to see all applicable vehicles.