Group Profile:

The EasyGO Smart Key System is being introduced to the U.S. market as a new and exciting product for the automotive industry. We are part ofa global international corporation operating in 4 different countries worldwide including the United States, China, India, and Dubai. Each team is responsible for marketing, sales, R&D, and service for that specific region, with the manufacturing production based in China. The lead product R&D facility is based in Southern California to ensure that we are leading the industry with technological innovations and products. We truly believe that we offer the best product in the industry with products being exported to over 120 countries and regions.

The corporate office in China operates from a state-of-the-art modern industrial park comprising of over 40 acres which consists of a 500,000 square feet manufacturing and production facility. Our factory is the first to obtain China's strictest quality management system certificate, the ISO/ TS16949, along with the ISO/9001, and China's CCC certificate. All of our products are also internationally certified by the major international authorities, such as the FCC, CE, MIC, and CNAL, among others.

Products we manufacture include Smart Key Systems, Body Control Modules, Central Locking Systems, Vehicle Security Systems, Remote Engine Start Systems, along with other vehicle equipment. We have been in the automotive electronics industry for over 20 years, with one of the largest manufacturing and production facilities in the industry. Our specialty is supplying and partnering with vehicle manufacturers and joint-venture automotive groups.

We employ the most professional industry engineering team to consistently improve our production on-site. Every member of our engineering team is a professional and innovative industry veteran. We only use the most advanced production equipment in the world, such as automatic high-speed SMT machines, lead-free automatic reflow soldering machines and lead-free wave soldering machines, with semi-automatic production lines for central locking systems, and fully automated production lines capable of producing and meeting all of our worldwide customers' needs.